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September 24, 2009 at 10:33 pm Leave a comment

So I just watched the season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy – yes, I know it jumped the shark a long while ago but I enjoy watching the train wreck – and whoever picks the music for that show needs a serious pay raise.  It’s been a while since there’s been an episode of Grey’s where I haven’t cried.  I think that’s the second time I’ve teared up over something on TV today – the first one was an episode of “My Parent’s House” on HGTV.  It’s sort of pathetic.  But seriously – this crying at the drop of a hat is fairly new to me.  I previously was not much of a crier.  I was one of those teenage kids who physically strained myself to produce tears when I saw Titanic in theaters so I could say “It was so sad, I cried so hard!” and at least it wouldn’t be a lie.  But now it really doesn’t take much – the craziest thing that makes me well up (I think anyway) is the spotlight segments on ESPN.  There was one that aired last week at the UT/Tech College Gameday where they talked about a quarterback from Colorado who passed away.  I cried. Of course 🙂

Sometimes I try to think about what brought about this change in me.  My mom can be a crier sometimes (I mean that in the best way possible) so there’s genetic precedent for it.  More than anything, though, I think it’s just caused by stress.  I’m trying with each day (and there’s only 5 more of them left until I depart for SD) to recognize the stress I’m placing on myself and find ways to lessen it.  I was planning on writing more about this, but I am literally falling asleep at the keyboard – possibly I’ll elaborate tomorrow.  Nini for now 🙂


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