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October 11, 2009 at 6:41 pm Leave a comment

So I’m sitting outside and don’t really want to do work. I’ve got a mug of yummy Peet’s coffee in my hand, the temperature outside is an extremely comfortable 67 degrees, and everywhere I look I see beauty around me.


See?  That’s my happy face.  🙂

I don’t know what it is exactly about church music, but I’ve been to the same church twice now in SD and both times the music has made me cry.  Multiple times, both Sundays.  Naturally, as a studier of music’s effects on the brain, this makes me curious.  I don’t normally have crying reactions to music (one possible exception to this is the fourth mvmt. from Respighi’s Pines of Rome, extremely loud in surround sound).  To be sure, I am often emotionally moved, but the crying is a bit unusual for me.  The emotions that accompany said crying are definitely positive – I feel supported, I feel safe, I feel home.  Most of the music that incites this reaction is music I sang with the 11:15 ICC choir in Denton, an experience that was extremely positve, even tranformative, for me.  I’m enclosing Youtube videos of several of these songs (I’m doing the best I can to find versions that match what I remember):

“All are Welcome”

“You are Mine”

“We Have Been Told”

“Christ Be Our Light” (this actually is not the version I know, but I like the arrangement! Also, LOVE the guy dancing with the drum throne in back)

So there you go.  I don’t really expect anyone to look at the videos, although they are good – they’re mostly for my own benefit 🙂  I guess I’m going to continue to be my own research participant in my completely non-controlled study in why I can’t stop crying when I hear church music.  I’m going to go listen to that last link again now 🙂


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