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Personality tests are interesting to me.  Sometimes I take them and I see the results and I think “whaaat? that’s not me at all!”, and other times they are right on.  The most recent version of the Myers-Briggs I took (thanks Facebook!) described me as an INFJ (Introversion, iNtuition, Feeling, Judgment).  Here is the little blurb I got along with my test (again, credit “What’s your Personlity Type” test on Facebook):

You seek meaning and connection in ideas, relationships, and material possessions. You want to understand what motivates people and are insightful about others. You are conscientious and committed to your firm values. You develop a clear vision about how best to serve the common good. You are organized and decisive in implementing your vision. Famous people with your same INFJ personality include: Adam Sandler, Mel Gibson, Billy Crystal, and Oprah Winfrey.

Does that mean anything to you? Because it doesn’t really mean anything to me.  It’s very abstract and I don’t think it really tells anyone anything about me, unless they personally know Adam, Mel, Billy and Oprah.  Anyway, for my internship I’ve had to take two additional personality tests, the results of which I think have been much more insightful.  Since I’ve turned in one of them already and can’t remember the results, I’m going to cover the results of my “Personality Plus” test (you can find a comparable online version here – take it!).  The Personality Plus test was developed by Florence Littauer under the premise that there are four basic types of personalities – sanguine, choleric, melancoly and phlegmatic, and each comes with its own sets of strengths and weaknesses.  The biggest difference between the above online version and my paper version of the test is that while the online test allows you only one personality type with both its strengths and weaknesses, the paper version allows for different sets of personality traits for strengths and weaknesses (which apparently I have).

So, without too much more nerding out, here are my results:


*Strengths: Phlegmatic personality*

-Emotions: low-key personality, easygoing and relaxed, calm, collected, patient, well-balanced, consistent life, quiet yet witty, sympathetic and kind, keeps emotions hidden, happily reconciled to life, all-purpose person

-Work: competent and steady, peaceful and agreeable, has administrative ability, mediates problems, avoids conflicts, good under pressure, finds the easy way

-Friends: easy to get along with, pleasant and enjoyable, inoffensive, good listener, dry sense of humor, enjoys watching people, has many friends, has compassion and concern

*Weaknesses: Melancholy personality*

-Emotions: remembers the negatives, moody and depressed, enjoys being hurt, has false humility, off in another world, low self-image, has selective hearing, self-centered, too introspective, guilt feelings, persecution complex, tends to hypochondria

-Work: not people-oriented, depressed over imperfections, chooses difficult work, hesitant to start projects, spends too much time planning, prefers analysis to work, self-deprecating, hard to please, standards often too high, deep need for approval

-Friends: lives through others, insecure socially, withdrawn and remote, critical of others, holds back affection, dislikes those in opposition, suspicious of people, antagonistic and vengeful, unforgiving, full of contradictions, skeptical of compliments


Hmm.  Wow.   That is a lot of information… much of which describes me to a tee.  So anyway, if you have feedback on any of that, you can let me know.  Also, if anybody takes the test I’d be interested to see what your results are (they don’t give you much information after you take the test but I can email you what your results mean).   So click away and then we can overanalyze our personality tests together.  It’ll be fun – no really.  🙂  Good night everyone!


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