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Two posts in one day?

Impossible but true!  I felt the need to post on my new blog because I just spent the past two hours (off and on, mostly on) reading my OLD blog: so impossible — and WOW, let me sum it up for you with two words: TEENAGE ANGST.  Five years of teenage angst in one location.  It’s really quite overwhelming.  (Don’t really know why I gave the link – trust me, you don’t want to read it.)  🙂

It’s not that what I had to say about life back then wasn’t valid – it absolutely was.  It’s really interesting to read if only because my life was a little more turbulent back then than it is now, and my frontal lobe was a little less developed than it is now (not that I’m fully there yet, but I’m a heckuva lot closer!)  It’s also interesting because I wrote a lot a poetry in my late HS/early college years, and I haven’t written any poetry in years now.  I wonder where all my poetic imagination went.  It’s really weird.  Oh well, I enjoyed the trip down memory lane, and I think one of these days I’m going to save all the entries as PDF files so I have them for eternity – something tells me that if I think they’re funny now, they’re going to be HILARIOUS in another ten or twenty years…


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Just another gratitude post

My first Thanksgiving away from home was really, really wonderful.  The food was delicious – a veritable potluck spread of your typical Thanksgiving staples, my contribution being a sweet potato casserole with pecan and brown sugar topping.  The company was fantastic – a combination of MW interns, former MW interns, and friends/family of former MW interns.  (Hence the jam session that took place after dinner)  The scenery was amazing – an outside feast with the sunset in the background.  And, rather unexpectedly, I got to watch most of the UT/A&M game, which is always nice!  But yeah… suffice it to say that I need to add #31 to the previous list: I am SO THANKFUL for my San Diego family!

It’s been a fairly lonely weekend, though, to be honest.  I’ve really, really missed Paul – at one point we thought he might come visit this weekend but that didn’t pan out (flying on Thanksgiving? no thanks) and right now the 25 days separating the two of us seem like an eternity.  I’ve gotten a lot of work done, to be sure – as well as a good running start on my Christmas shopping/Christmas crafting – but it’s just… I don’t know.  I just miss him.  Plus I think I may have tinged my right calf AGAIN (third time in two months?) so I’m not getting that endorphin release from my weekend long run and… ugh.  Okay, moving on.

At least there’s football.  Man, has there been a lot of football on this weekend.  I’m lovin’ it 🙂

One more thing I am grateful for: Muppets!

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One month from right now… I will have arrived in Texas, I will be with Paul, I will be celebrating Christmas with my family.  🙂

I love it here, I really do.  I’m having a blast.  But beginning the countdown makes me very, very excited.  Especially since I think the month of December -with the ever-growing list of things to do that accompanies it – will absolutely FLY by.  MAJOR hype.  I can’t wait!!

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30 things I am grateful for

So I am reading a book as a part of my internship entitled Smart Women Finish Rich, which – as indicated by the title – the author (David Bach) tells the reader (myself) the information they need to know to handle money as well as making the reader believe they are worth self-investing in their own futures.  I’ve been fortunate enough to have had much of this information before (thanks to my wonderfully financial-minded parents), but it’s always a good reminder, plus it also has some things I didn’t know.  One of the final exercises in the book is to list 30 things that we are grateful for (which seems incredibly appropriate because here comes Thanksgiving!!) and to share that list with family and friends.  I’ve done these sorts of exercises before, but here’s my 2009 version of 30 things I am incredibly thankful for in my life (in no particular order, just how they come to me)…

1. My parents, who never forget to tell me they are proud of me.

2. My morning drive which follows the ocean for a mile or so north of Torrey Pines State Park.  Truly a moment of bliss every morning.

3. Paul – my best friend, my other half, my soulmate. 🙂

4. The few precious moments before my alarm goes off each morning when I can lay in my warm bed and meditate on the rest of the day.

5. The perfect cup of coffee.

6. My lilbro – one of my closest friends and a blessing!

7. Music – the effects of which form not only the basis for my entire career but the cornerstone of me and my sanity.

8. My faith – the spiritual journey I’ve been on through the years that has brought me to where I stand today.

9.Red wine.

10. Smiles from strangers that always seem to come when I least expect them (and most need them).

11. Beautiful, wonderful friends – whom I am all quite far away from at the moment but I feel our hearts connected by one really long thread 🙂

12. All my memories from Longhorn band – it was an incredible ride, folks.

13. Any time I get to spend at a piano – I rediscover my first love more and more every day!

14. Letters and cards sent by family and friend at home.  It truly makes my day and I love you all!

15. The fact that I will never be enough by myself to tackle the big challenges in life – that God is there to help me.

16. Having dogs to play with when I come home currently. 🙂

17. The movie “Anchorman”.  San Diego jokes never get old!

18. All the mentors and teachers I have had over the years – I took a part of what each person gave me and am trying to make it into who I am today.

19. Donuts from that killer shop in Denton.  Can’t remember the name right now but geez, it is good!

20. My patients, who teach me more and more about life each day.

21. Watching the sunrise/sunset.

22. The most perfect weather ever imaginable.  It hasn’t rained once in the going on two months since I’ve been here 🙂

23. Trader Joe’s and their amazing food.

24. Being a Texan (to whom the phrase ” I wasn’t born in TX but got here as fast as I could” applies!)

25. Good health for myself and those around me.

26. College football season!

27. The Internet – it is truly amazing nowadays how easy it is to find infofmation.

28. Yellow cake w/chocolate frosting.

29.Laughter – it helps me get through each day!

30. Perhaps the biggest blessing of all – waking up and being alive at the dawning of each new day!

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This is a song about conference…

… wonderful, beautiful conference! *is the only person laughing at the inside joke*


So from Wednesday to Sunday of this past week (good Lord is it already November 17th?!?) I attended the American Music Therapy Association National Convention, right here in my backyard (aka San Diego, CA).  It was incredible.  I met so many people, made new friends and lots of contacts, and recharged spiritually from getting to see friends and colleagues.  Some highlights for me:

1) A session on adaptive music lessons (aka adapted instructional music lesson techniques for kids with disabilities, my professional paper topic, the subject of all my geekiness over the summer, etc.).  Tons of resources, plus the whole session validated the work I have done with my percussion students.  Got me excited about possibly offering adaptive lessons in the future!

2) Dr. Patel’s speech on building bridges between neuroscience and music therapy in the future through research.  Similar speech, but not exactly the same, found here – probably the most informative 52 minutes you’ve had in a while. 🙂

3) Interestingly enough, one of my favorite sessions was one that I also disagreed with the most… a session entitled “Evidence-Based Practice from a Humanist Perspective”.  From this, I learned a couple of things: a) Humanism is not exactly what I believed it to be; b) I don’t do music therapy, I am music therapy; c) the way they look at “more behavioral models” (I can see the snarl on their faces as I type this) is totally skewed and overgeneralized.  But yeah, it was one of those sessions you have to attend in order to know better where you stand.

There was a lot more that I don’t feel like going into at the moment, but what I DO feel like is giving you 2.5 moments of listening pleasure:

You’re welcome.  🙂

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I’ve been compiling this list for a few days in my head, and now here it is for your viewing pleasure:

Observations about California (some good, some bad, some “eh”):

1) No frontage roads in San Diego.  Most frustrating thing EVER.

2) Due to #1, entering the freeways in CA is a really random experience – you have to watch very closely for signs and sometimes the entrance to the freeway is on the wrong side of the road/the end of some random street/etc.  Also, some freeway entrances are clovers and some are not… some are northbound-clover and southbound-not… and vice versa… like you have to know the intersection or be prepared to switch three lanes of traffic almost instantaneously.  Good times.

3) One more driving observation… No billboards in San Diego.  This is a good thing!

4) People in CA love their coffee.  No complaints there 🙂

5) I do not even want to know how much gas cost here in the summer of 08 when gas was over $4.00/gal in Denton.  Right now it’s about 50 cents higher than where Paul lives.

6) Nearly every female I know thus far in San Diego owns at least one scarf – not the kind that you use to keep warm in the winter, but the sheer kind that you use for the purpose of decorating your neck.  I only brought one such scarf with me, and I feel about ten times more hip whenever I wear it around here.

7)  My being from Texas is a novelty to many Californians.  Almost everyone I’ve told that I’m from Texas has responded with one (or both) of the following: “You don’t sound like you’re from Texas, you don’t have an accent!” or some variation on “your politicians are crazy/So everyone in Texas is Republican, right?”.  Le sigh.

8 ) If you want to sound like you are “from” San Diego, the most effective way to do it is to insert the word “the” in front of freeway names in casual conversation (e.g. “I was going to take the 805 to the 52 but it backed up, so I took the 56 instead”).

9) Almost nowhere in San Diego are there unprotected left turns.  It’s all arrows, similar to many places in the Houston area.  Probably safer, but nonetheless ANNOYING!

10) There are so many runners (and running trails, for that matter) in the San Diego area it’s ridiculous.  Makes me excited to get out there… so excited that the first weekend I was here I sprained my calf from overzealously racing up ridiculous hills.  Now I am taking it easy (mostly by running north-south not east-west) and my legs/feet/EVERYTHING are thanking me.

So there you go, 10 random observations about California and the people that live here.  Hope you enjoyed.  I’m going to spend this weekend doing work so that when freakin AMTA CONFERENCE comes to town this upcoming week I won’t fall behind!  Have a great weekend and BTHOO UCF 🙂

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