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I’ve been compiling this list for a few days in my head, and now here it is for your viewing pleasure:

Observations about California (some good, some bad, some “eh”):

1) No frontage roads in San Diego.  Most frustrating thing EVER.

2) Due to #1, entering the freeways in CA is a really random experience – you have to watch very closely for signs and sometimes the entrance to the freeway is on the wrong side of the road/the end of some random street/etc.  Also, some freeway entrances are clovers and some are not… some are northbound-clover and southbound-not… and vice versa… like you have to know the intersection or be prepared to switch three lanes of traffic almost instantaneously.  Good times.

3) One more driving observation… No billboards in San Diego.  This is a good thing!

4) People in CA love their coffee.  No complaints there 🙂

5) I do not even want to know how much gas cost here in the summer of 08 when gas was over $4.00/gal in Denton.  Right now it’s about 50 cents higher than where Paul lives.

6) Nearly every female I know thus far in San Diego owns at least one scarf – not the kind that you use to keep warm in the winter, but the sheer kind that you use for the purpose of decorating your neck.  I only brought one such scarf with me, and I feel about ten times more hip whenever I wear it around here.

7)  My being from Texas is a novelty to many Californians.  Almost everyone I’ve told that I’m from Texas has responded with one (or both) of the following: “You don’t sound like you’re from Texas, you don’t have an accent!” or some variation on “your politicians are crazy/So everyone in Texas is Republican, right?”.  Le sigh.

8 ) If you want to sound like you are “from” San Diego, the most effective way to do it is to insert the word “the” in front of freeway names in casual conversation (e.g. “I was going to take the 805 to the 52 but it backed up, so I took the 56 instead”).

9) Almost nowhere in San Diego are there unprotected left turns.  It’s all arrows, similar to many places in the Houston area.  Probably safer, but nonetheless ANNOYING!

10) There are so many runners (and running trails, for that matter) in the San Diego area it’s ridiculous.  Makes me excited to get out there… so excited that the first weekend I was here I sprained my calf from overzealously racing up ridiculous hills.  Now I am taking it easy (mostly by running north-south not east-west) and my legs/feet/EVERYTHING are thanking me.

So there you go, 10 random observations about California and the people that live here.  Hope you enjoyed.  I’m going to spend this weekend doing work so that when freakin AMTA CONFERENCE comes to town this upcoming week I won’t fall behind!  Have a great weekend and BTHOO UCF 🙂


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