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November 28, 2009 at 11:00 pm Leave a comment

My first Thanksgiving away from home was really, really wonderful.  The food was delicious – a veritable potluck spread of your typical Thanksgiving staples, my contribution being a sweet potato casserole with pecan and brown sugar topping.  The company was fantastic – a combination of MW interns, former MW interns, and friends/family of former MW interns.  (Hence the jam session that took place after dinner)  The scenery was amazing – an outside feast with the sunset in the background.  And, rather unexpectedly, I got to watch most of the UT/A&M game, which is always nice!  But yeah… suffice it to say that I need to add #31 to the previous list: I am SO THANKFUL for my San Diego family!

It’s been a fairly lonely weekend, though, to be honest.  I’ve really, really missed Paul – at one point we thought he might come visit this weekend but that didn’t pan out (flying on Thanksgiving? no thanks) and right now the 25 days separating the two of us seem like an eternity.  I’ve gotten a lot of work done, to be sure – as well as a good running start on my Christmas shopping/Christmas crafting – but it’s just… I don’t know.  I just miss him.  Plus I think I may have tinged my right calf AGAIN (third time in two months?) so I’m not getting that endorphin release from my weekend long run and… ugh.  Okay, moving on.

At least there’s football.  Man, has there been a lot of football on this weekend.  I’m lovin’ it 🙂

One more thing I am grateful for: Muppets!


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Hype. Two posts in one day?

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