I promise…

January 4, 2010 at 1:26 am Leave a comment

… so back in October I wrote a post at the bottom which is a list of promises I made to myself the night before I started internship.  Tonight, on the eve of starting my second half of internship (cannot believe I’m already HALF DONE!?!), I looked at the list and made some changes – some additions, some revisions of pre-existing promises, a few that Idecided to take out.  Anyway, here’s the new list:

I promise…

-to seek out opportunities for growth

-to trust my intuition more often

-to engage in self-care

-to find opportunities for positive change in criticism and praise alike

-not to expect perfection, only improvement

-to reach out to thers confidently (in work and in personal life)

-to “go for it”, even if I’ve never done “it” before

-to see God in every client and in every colleague

And finally…

-not to get angry with myself if I falter in achieving one of my promises for myself.

There you have it!  I’ll update you after internship’s finished with a whole new list of promises.  I am sure there will be many!  Part of the reason my Christmas break was so wonderful was that I got to spend 10 days in the exclusive company of people who support me and who believe in me.  That kind of love is incredibly powerful to receive – it transforms you, makes you believe that you are worth believing in.  It was exactly what I needed.  Trust me, I’m far from “there” yet (whatever “there” means), but every week I get a wee bit closer!

All right kids, time for bed – back to the grind tomorrow (and by the grind I mean leading drum circles, helping people find a sense of relaxation through music and the like).  I love my job!


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December post :-) Time marches on…

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