Month 4

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Obviously, given the infrequency of my posts lately, there’s a lot of stuff going on that I don’t – and in some cases, can’t – write about in a public forum.  I will share one thing with you, however: Month 4 has been, without a doubt, the hardest month of internship to date.

This is not unexpected – I was told this would happen by people who have been there and know.  January is just close enough to April to be over halfway done, but far enough away that 10 more weeks seems like forever (even though I’ve already done 16 weeks).  February will fly by – only 28 days, plus Paul’s visiting and I’m going to NMT training (a big HOORAY for both of those!!).  I have a feeling that March – the last month – will be a flurry of activity, me frantically trying to tie up loose ends, studying like a madwoman for exams, trying to take in everything I can about San Diego, flying back to Texas for my best friend’s wedding (an actual event, not a movie) … and then BAM! it’s April 2nd and it’s all over.  I’m back to Texas, finding a job, building a life.  Time marches on.

At any rate, right now I am trying desperately not to fall into burn-out.  At times I’ve been more successful than others.  More than ever I find that I need breaks in my day, I can’t go long periods moving from client to client without a lunch break, a coffee break – something.  When I get home at night, I have to fight every fiber in my being to do actual work and not curl up in bed.  I really have to fight my body’s urge to stay in bed in the morning as well – particularly on those mornings that I’ve been getting up to run.  Ahhh, running… currently my main tool against burnout.  That, and Texas athletics.

At the Music Therapy Center of California, a site where I’m currently working (and loving!), they use a “months of the year” song with some of the clients.  The song capitalizes on a technique called MMT (musical mnemonics training), which basically means that people have an easier time encoding memorizable information in their brain (e.g. months of the year) if  it’s set to music.  At any rate, there’s a set of flashcards that accompanies said song, each with the name of one month on it, and while the client is learning the song, the therapist sets out each flashcard in turn as a cue for the client.  What struck me about this the first time I saw it was not how remarkable MMT is (that came later), but actually how fast the months truly do go by.  Someday, when I look back on my time in San Diego, the months are going to go by in my head like six flashcards (“October… November… December… January… February… March”), one by one going on the table, each month the same size and taking up the same amount of space.  And then the song will continue and go on.  And right now, that is the most comforting thing in the world to me.  🙂


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Time marches on… Eight weeks…

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