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Well, sorry about this, guys and gals.  It’s been fully six weeks(at least… it’s early and my brain is fuzzy) since my last entry.  There’s been a lot of reasons for my lack of post-age, mainly that I was finishing up my internship (DONE YA’LL!! feels good!!).  Also, I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to figure out my life direction (jobs, where I’ll be living, etc.)  and can’t really talk about a lot of that in this medium.  But here I am now, and soon I’ll have some answers for myself and the reading world.  Until then, let me share with you my most recent development…

I PASSED MY BOARD CERTIFICATION EXAM!!  (MT-BC = “Music Therapist-Board Certified”)

What an experience that was.  I took two practice tests in preparation for this exam, and neither of them were anywhere near as difficult as the real thing.  (that’s a warning to music therapy students out there…)   Three hours is, for someone who moves around frequently as part of their work, an incredibly long time to sit and focus on one thing, particularly if that thing requires your undivided concentration.  That being said, I actually performed better on the real thing than I did on the practice tests, so I guess even though my brain was mush at the end, it worked out okay.  And man, let me tell you… staring at that piece of paper with my results on it was one of the coolest intrapersonal moments I’ve had in a while.  It was a culmination of everything I’ve done in the five-ish years since I decided this was the career path I wanted.  All the hours I spent on assignments, the hours I spent planning sessions in practicum and internship so they would go well, the two wonderful years in Denton and the six fabulous months I spent in Cali… all leading up to this moment.

This is truly a dream realized for me.  It’s lame and cheesy I know, but it’s true.  Looking at that paper that says “Congratulations, you passed the board certification exam” on it, I realized that after all this time, I’m here.  I’ve arrived.  And like any good bright-eyed, bushy-tailed beginning MT, I’m sooo ready to take over the world. 🙂


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Not that I’m counting, but… lock of the century

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