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If wedding planning were a marathon (metaphorically speaking – or am I?), Paul and I would be about two-thirds of a mile in, already panting and gasping for air.  Wedding website is up and running (yay!)… except for the friendly folks at The Knot made us pick a wedding date, and well… yeah… we don’t have one yet.  So take the 7/9/2011 with a grain of salt 🙂

Seeing as I’m working but not at full capacity yet, I’ve been devoting quite a bit of brain power to this wedding.  So much so, in fact, that I had my first wedding BAD DREAM last night.  Yikes.  Anyway, we’ve decided that we want a wedding that’s nice, yet not stuffy… basically, one that feels like a big party.  We’ve been looking at Fredericksburg for a few reasons: 1) Texas wine country!, 2) close to many people we would invite while still being a “destination” of sorts, 3) famously laid-back, 4) local connections in the area.  We are still looking in Austin though… again, haven’t made any final decisions. My parents and I did go look at reception venues in the Fredricksburg area though… behold:

Gillespie County Farm Bureau Event Center, a few miles outside of Fredericksburg: Cute mood lighting with christmas lights, and lighted fans.  I’m pretty sure we could make this work.

Turner Hall (was being set up for a wedding as we visited!) was in downtown Fredericksburg.  Kind of a strange layout, but I love the wooden floors, and the “old dance hall” vibe – very fun.

The only problem with our fun little trip to F-burg is that Paul didn’t get to come (the first place was only open during business hours), so until we can look at them together, no real decisions have been made.  Will update you when something – anything – new goes down 🙂


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