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Lessons Learned

Hi, folks! How’s life been? Did I miss anything? 🙂

I wanted to check in as I know it’s been a while since I’ve done so – I’ve been in “survival mode” the past few weeks while I started my new job and – finally! – got to work with my clients this past week.  In some ways, working for a school district is very similar to my previous job – and in some ways it couldn’t be more different… but so far I’m loving the challenge and the growth that I feel is starting to happen.  Here’s a couple things I’ve learned so far (or in some cases, things I’ve “re-learned”):

1) Humility.  This has been HUGE for me the past few weeks!  I’m one of those people who enjoys the “hunt” of finding things in stores and is too proud to ask sales associates for help.  🙂 However, when I encounter daily professionals with more experience and knowledge about my students, admitting I don’t know everything and asking for help has been the best way to actually start knowing more.  This has also applied to aspects of my job that I didn’t encounter working privately, such as shared documentation systems and daily collaboration with other professionals.

2) Trusting my intuition.  While learning humility, I think I’ve also been reminded of how important it is to trust my intuition, which has been honed by my clinical experience and continues to get better every day.  I need to continue to remember that I have a unique point of view from which I can address student’s needs, and that my knowledge is powerful and helpful to others.  Always important to keep a balance between #1 and #2!

3) I love what I do.  One thing that definitely hasn’t changed from one job to another is the way in which I am daily amazed, inspired and challenged by my new students.  I effectively took the month of August off from music therapy sessions while I prepared for my new job, and I’m so glad to be back in it!   🙂


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